We’re Launching a YOUTUBE!!!

Hey everyone! I’m super excited to announce that Daisuke Tsuji, who plays Jin Sakai in Ghost of Tsushima and myself are LAUNCHING A YOUTUBE TODAY!! Its called the DandE (pronounced ‘Dandy’) Saga!!!

Please check us out!! Since the release of Ghost of Tsushima, Dice and myself have been streaming on twitch and having a great time!

Dice’s Twitch // Earl’s Twitch

Our first round of videos are the best moments of our streams cut down for your viewing pleasure! hope you enjoy this first one, which is taken from y streams of Cold Symmetry’s Soulslike game, Mortal Shell!

Ghost of Tsushima

Its quite likely that you’ve found yourself here because you are curious/are playing/have played the newest PS4 exclusive title, Ghost of Tsushima. Earl T. Kim portrays the gregarious Warrior-Monk Norio, an ally to the game’s protagonist, Jin Sakai played by Daisuke Tsuji. Earl provided the voice, facial/performance capture for the character, and the role of Norio marks his debut into the world of AAA games.

Welcome to my Website!

Thanks for checking out my Website! Its brand new! Isn’t the internet amazing?

I guess this is where you go if you’re looking for more information about me if you’ve seen me on a stage or a screen somewhere and thought… “yeah, THAT dude, whats he up to on the internet?”

welp… here it is. this is what im up to. Enjoy!


New Dice Try episode up!

Dice Try, the Table Top Role Playing Game Actual Play Podcast (TTRPGAPP) that Earl has been a player/character/voice on has released a brand new episode!

Toon – Very Important Purrson Dice Try

The plans are in place to fix the results of an important cricket match, but team has to secure the participation of their "ringer", Dex Hayes. Dice Try Features:Crista Llewellyn (@cristallewellynmua)Earl Kim (@fyrestorm)Paul Dixon (@paulalandixon)Daniel Schaub (@hemingwaylite)Special Music By:Glenn Davis (@somniummusicprod)
  1. Toon – Very Important Purrson
  2. Toon – Ch. 6 "Family Matters"
  3. Toon – Looking For Love
  4. Toon – Brunch of Champions
  5. Toon – Heartbreak Hotel

If you want to check out the video version, here it is on YouTube!