New Dice Try episode up!

Dice Try, the Table Top Role Playing Game Actual Play Podcast (TTRPGAPP) that Earl has been a player/character/voice on has released a brand new episode!

Toon – Very Important Purrson Dice Try

The plans are in place to fix the results of an important cricket match, but team has to secure the participation of their "ringer", Dex Hayes. Dice Try Features:Crista Llewellyn (@cristallewellynmua)Earl Kim (@fyrestorm)Paul Dixon (@paulalandixon)Daniel Schaub (@hemingwaylite)Special Music By:Glenn Davis (@somniummusicprod)
  1. Toon – Very Important Purrson
  2. Toon – Ch. 6 "Family Matters"
  3. Toon – Looking For Love
  4. Toon – Brunch of Champions
  5. Toon – Heartbreak Hotel

If you want to check out the video version, here it is on YouTube!

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